Should I just get a new email address?

This seems like the nuclear option! Your email is so out of control that you literally give up and start over completely fresh. This might be fine for Beyoncé, but her success seems a little more locked in that yours or mine. 

This also seems awful dangerous to me. How many people are going to continue to send emails into the ether after you’ve made the switch? How many left hanging who already have? How many bills you’ve forgotten to pay lost in there?

Setting up an autoresponder telling people you’ve changed it is a possibility, but then what are you gaining by switching at all? 

The way I’ve seen it most commonly done is to essentially split your email. You create a new one that is your new squeaky clean email universe. Perhaps you email all the most important people in your life to tell them about it, and some small percentage of them notice and care. But then you also keep checking your old email address, because of course important stuff still pops up in there. The fix has become more work than the solution. 

Without having done any deep research here, I’d suggest not going nuclear with a new email. Fight that fight and clean up that existing email so it’s useful to you again. It’s a battle of unsubscribes and even filtering if necessary, but it can be done and you’re left with a stronger email history. Remember it doesn’t have to be done overnight.

It’s like a publication on the web. When they want to make big changes, they make big changes to the site they already have, they don’t get a new URL. Too much SEO value with the old one. 

One response to “Should I just get a new email address?”

  1. Hi Chris, this is a topic that has really made me scratch my head a lot. I currently have 3 active email addresses but I’ve ‘retired’ 2 of them and have one main address. It’s been very difficult to know when I’ve unsubscribed from lists and updated an email address to a newer one, so there’s always a worry I’ll miss something in an old inbox.

    My approach to this so far is to forward emails from inbox 1 into inbox 2, then forward inbox 2 into the new inbox 3. So I always get emails from inbox 1 in inbox 3. I’m working on making it better so I can completely close the first two accounts if possible, but right now it is a pain and creating a new email address is not something you should take lightly either. It’s hard work!

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