Save Those Tabs with Email Tabs

Email Tabs is a pretty nice idea from Ian Bicking and Dave Justice:

Ever needed to save or share a whole bunch of tabs as you research, shop, or just browse the web? Email Tabs lets you create beautiful emails from your open tabs to save them for later or share them. You can use Email Tabs to automatically send along links, screenshots, or even the text from articles.

Apparently, this idea used to be part of Firefox Test Labs, but that is defunct, and this lives on as a browser extension.

Everybody always has too many tabs open. I bet I have some 30 at all times. I’m not sure if it’s a problem or not, for me. I think of them all as little minor to-do’s, and I’m fairly prompt about addressing them and moving that to-do to a better location if it seems like the open tab deserves that. But I could see how it could be a cognitive overload problem for some people, and having tools to address that in a productive way is a good thing.

The trick is giving yourself a productive destination for those tabs. For me: it’s stuff like…

  1. Blogging the article from the tab
  2. Tossing it on my Things to-do list
  3. Saving it into Notion someplace
  4. Admitting I don’t care anymore and closing the tab

But it certainly could be “email myself a chosen list of these tabs” because you are an email yourself person and use your inbox as a to-do list.

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