What Happened When I Replied “Call Me” To Every Email I Got For A Week

Allen Gannett:

Like many people, the phone is a tool of last resort. I’d rather text or Slack or email or carrier pigeon. But I’ve noticed that many of the most successful, productive people I’ve met are what you might call “phone-prone.” If you send them a text, they call you instead of texting back. Email them? Get a call back.

I’m on board that phone calls can be the best connection with people with the potential for the biggest outcomes. No wonder everybody and their brother wants to hop on a quick call.


For me, it’s just a time thing. I have an absolute shitload of work to do, and I literally can’t do it if I’m on the phone all day. A catch-22 though. I wish I was successful enough that I had less operational work to do and could spend more time on strategy and partnerships and such, the things that phone calls excel at. Perhaps my own phone aversion limits that success.

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