Email as Social Media

It seems to me we really are in a email newsletter renaissance. Perhaps in the last three years I’ve seen loads of people start newsletters. Even just personal newsletters where the point is updates about their personal lives. Like in lieu of a personal blog. The most common reason I hear is that it feels more intimate.

As huge of a fan of email as I am, I’m still a bigger fan of blogging over email (the long-term capital of a URL is just… good). And especially because blog posts can become emails rather trivially.

I wonder if an extension to the personal newsletter trend is people using email literally as a social media site. A threaded email amongst friends is like a free little social network, isn’t it?

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  1. It’d be wild if somebody made an email app whose design was meant to mimic social media groups, but with email as the “backend.” Kind of like Ping Hop Spike

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