Auto-Archiving Auto Responders

I suppose if I email my home insurance agent needing to ask a fairly urgent question about my home insurance, and they happen to be in Hawaii for the week and aren’t answering emails, I’d appreciate an auto-responder email.

But that’s maybe it.

94% of the time I don’t care about auto-responders, and particularly not when I’m sending something like an email newsletter (but doing it from a real email address in case people want to reply to it) and get auto-responder emails from that.

Cool news though, some email clients can detect auto-responders. Once detected, rules can be made to get them out of the inbox.

For example, at CodePen, we get a good amount of auto-responder emails from day-to-day support work and from some of our transactional and marketing email. Why deal with that by hand? We we Front as an email client, and Front supports pretty powerful rules.

An important aspect here is that the detection needs to be able to look at email Headers. That’s where all the info is. Front can do this. Gmail (the web client) cannot, unfortunately.

Here’s our setup:

The only accidental capture we saw while testing this was some particular email that AWS sends us, so we added a tiny extra rule to allow that from: address.

Works great. No more auto-responder emails in our inbox.

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