Unfortunate Warning

I visited my mom this week. We got her a new computer. MacBook Air. One of the new M1’s. Very neat. She loves it so far. As she was setting it up, she went for a new @icloud.com email address. The first thing she did with it was email me at my @gmail.com address. And behold:

That’s a little unfortunate isn’t it? My own mother looks like spam to Google. I get loads of email every day from people I don’t know and very rarely see a message like this. But my own mother emails me and somehow that looks suspicious?

One response to “Unfortunate Warning”

  1. You’re probably getting that because she’s used another email address in the past and Gmail noticed the unexpected change.

    It throws this warning because scammers will use some other address, but set the “From:” name to be someone you might know. The CEO of the company you work for is common (they get this from LinkedIn scanning, etc.)

    This alert is much different than just putting the email in the spam folder.

    But you’re right – it’s sad that anyone has to deal with spam problems. It’s really sullied a nice system.

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