Email Clients Should Offer to Hide Autoresponders

You can filter for autoresponders and archive them, to some degree, with elbow grease. But it’s that time of year where we start seeing a ton of autoresponders and it’s got me thinking about it again. Personally, I don’t care to see them ever. I literally don’t care in any context. Hit me back when you hit me back, I’m not going to read what your autoresponder says anyway.

This is the kind of innovation I want to see in email clients. Not reinventing the entire concept of email, just helping me see less junk I don’t want to see, without me having to work so hard.

2 responses to “Email Clients Should Offer to Hide Autoresponders”

  1. Yes!

    There are some cases where an autoresponder can be helpful, so maybe there’s a middle-ground. Perhaps your inbox checks the autoresponder to see if you’ve had that exact message before, then hides it?

    • I’d think it would certainly just be an option, as I bet some people like to see them (I just get too many and don’t care). But yeah some intelligence behind it too would be cool.

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