Gmail Next

Ars Technica:

Google will finally start rolling out the Gmail redesign it first showed off last year. The company is calling the interface in the update the “integrated view” because the goal is to integrate Google’s latest messaging service, Google Chat (a Slack competitor and the successor to Hangouts) and Google Meet (a Zoom competitor) into Gmail.

Hot takes:

  • Looks good. Although it’s really not that different and the kind of update you’d think you’d see a few times a year without it being such a big public deal.
  • I don’t blame them for trying to tie in other services and make Gmail “more” — but feels unfortunate for those of us who aren’t users of those other services (clutter), so here’s hoping they are turn-offable.
  • Interesting how slow-roll it is, with a multi-stage plan allowing people to not use it entirely though 2022. I guess that’s just the deal with absolutely massive products.

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