Talk about having range

Tucked away in a listicle from Clo S. titled How to Make your Email Inbox Calmer:

We outsource to inboxes the storage of memories, to-dos, information streams to stay in touch with our favourite topics, and more. Your inbox is your own space on the Internet, private by default, with a key – your email address – that lets you access the rest of your Internet identity and spaces: social media, medical platforms, forums, state institutions, entertainment with your own playlists and tailored algorithmic suggestions, amongst others. You may use it both to pay your taxes and to log in to an intimate anon account on a kink-specific Mastodon server. Talk about having range.

The actual tips in there are pretty good too. They have a certain vagueness that is required when attempting to deliver advice on something like email where everyone uses it so differently.

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