No Public Email on Purpose

I’d like to talk to a variety of people who choose to make their email address completely unfindable on the internet and understand why. I’m sure there are a wide variety of reasons. Opening yourself up to communication from strangers is classically problematic from a potential abuse and harassment angle, so that’s one reason people have, I’m sure, as much as that sucks. I imagine other folks just can’t be bothered to receive email, and don’t want to lead people on.

Quick brainstorm. People have absolutely no public email because…

  • Work email is overwhelming enough, they don’t want to communicate with the public that way.
  • A public email is an avenue for abuse/harassment they had to shut down.
  • They see no value in it.
  • They are so famous it would be overwhelming, and can’t/don’t choose to have an employee handle it.
  • They don’t really care, they just don’t have any other digital place to make that email known.

This was just some for-fun brainstorming though, I do need to actually ask some people (if I can reach them!).

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