Mimestream Public Launch

I heard more chatter than I would have guessed about Mimestream “launching”. I guess I’m surprised just because of how niche it is:

  • It’s Mac-only (No web, no mobile)
  • It’s Gmail-only (No IMAP)

Plus it’s… kinda… ermmmm…. almost exactly like the free Apple Mail?

Quick, guess which is which?

Mimestream is on the bottom, Apple Mail on top

I just kind of assume that Mimestream plays nicer with Gmail, although I couldn’t give you a run down of exactly how. Jason Snell has one answer:

Most importantly, it uses Gmail’s API to efficiently search my entire Gmail repository. Searching Gmail in Apple Mail frustrates me with its inconsistent and slow behavior, but Mimestream just works. Labels, Inbox categories, server-side filters… it’s got them all.

That’s pretty big alone. I search my Gmail very frequently. Worth the bucks? I dunno I’ll give it a shot.

My biggest worry, just for myself, is that I won’t dig the UI. I kinda like the oddball Gmail default web layout, sometime about it tends to bring me back.

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