Unusual Filters

There are typical email filters. For example, if I get email from a particular email address that isn’t spam but I never ever want to see it in my inbox, I set up a filter for it to archive it or throw it in the trash, problem solved.

There are also smell-test filters. For example, I don’t have to read an entire email to know it’s just some unwanted hot garbage solicitation email. I don’t know what I’ve done recently but my god if I don’t get a lot of these recently. It’s not a programmatic filter, it’s just me instantly knowing an email is useless and whisking it away.

Back in programatic filter town, how’s this for a weird one?

If you don’t send 0000000 as the starting plain text of an email to Jordan’s email here, it’s just lost to the internet tubes.

Pretty niche, but I could see using this for something like an extreme hiring prerequisite. If you’re applying for a job as a developer, maybe even an email-focused developer, some kind of “test” like this to apply would be clever.

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