Author: Chris Coyier

  • Everlasting Email

    Definitely. Email is almost like too-big-to-fail. Not that chat isn’t just as (possibly more) important for intimate team communication. But more importantly, email is good.

  • The Effectiveness of Email Obfuscation

    Speaking of email address obfuscation (I mentioned I never do it and it causes me zero problems), I was pointed to some interesting research by Silvan Mühlemann. It’s only up on Web Archive here, as apparently the original site is gone.  In 2006, Silvan put up a page on the internet, linked to it, and put […]

  • The Various Intensities of Saying No (and letting people know you can’t prioritize their thing)

    Say someone emails you and your answer needs to be no. There are different intensities of that.  Say it’s a good friend of yours. Being honest with your friends is usually easy. You’re going to hate me, because I have to say no on this one. I looooveeee the idea and I’m so glad you’re […]

  • Email Address Encoder

    I had the creator of Email Address Encoder shoot me an email looking for a testimonial I think. I imagine it does a decent job. It probably RegEx’s for emails it finds on your WordPress site anywhere it finds one in the content then does some weird obfuscation shit in which to: protects your email addresses […]

  • Adiós

    Adiós is to help you deal with email less:  Adiós brings your emails into your inbox just 3 times a day, so you can get sh*t done. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it appears to be a Gmail-only thing that you just have to authorize and it does it’s thing. They promise […]

  • The most baller move in email

    When you write out the entire email in the subject line and leave the body blank.  That one above seems like a mistake, but it made me think of other times I’ve seen it where it wasn’t. It’s almost like a wrong-direction smiley (: in the way it makes you think for a second, Or […]

  • Vacation Auto Responders

    My educated guess is that 0.01% of all sent emails get an auto-responder response, 80% of that is from the recipient being out of the office.  They all have some version of: Thanks for your email! I’m out of the office from Monday, October 15, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. ET to Monday, October 15, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. ET. […]

  • Send… later?

    There are quite a few “email enhancement” products out there that do things like add read receipts and snooze emails. Another common feature is the ability to send emails later. A little perplexing, isn’t it? Like email is super asynchronous already. People assume and expect that email isn’t an instant medium. If you can’t wait […]

  • BitBounce

    This is fascinating. BitBounce: BitBounce is a free email service that pays you for every message you receive from an unfamiliar sender. I became aware of it as I get a few auto-replies from people using it when I send the CSS-Tricks Newsletter. This person wants a nickel from me to deliver my email. I’m […]

  • No More Inbox

    Of course, just a few days after I blogged about one little feature of Inbox that I really like (reminders, particularly on iOS), it is announced that Inbox will be shut down in March 2019. I saw a good amount of sadness/frustration of it, but nowhere near the blowback I thought I’d see. No petitions […]