Author: Chris Coyier

  • I don’t answer *all* my email.

    Of course not. There are people like Daniel Jacobs out there: You don’t deserve my time, Daniel Jacobs. You demonstrated no understanding of me or the site you are asking about. That’s a terrible way to reach out to someone. I’m quite sure you are a real person and this tactic gets you enough leads […]

  • Poll About Email & Your Job

  • Caffeinate your highs, not your lows

    The Productivity Cycle by Alex Sexton is a wonderful article that has stuck with me over the years. There is a bunch of it that is about caffeine consumption. Alex cites actual research and provides context, so definitely read the article, but the gist of it is this: Consuming caffeine in time for it to […]

  • Work on what you feel like

    I realize not all of us have the freedom to do whatever we feel like doing all day at work. But assuming you have some wiggle room on what you do and when I find letting your mood dictate that is a recipe for a productive day. I have a variety of things I can […]

  • When not to email yourself (2 minute rule)

    I have a major habit of emailing myself. I don’t consider it a huge problem really, but it is just dumping something at my future-self to deal with without much structure. So I’ve been weaning myself off it.  I use Things for my to-do lists, which are structured, and have due dates and context. So […]

  • You get good at what you do

    You work at an ice cream shop and scoop ice cream cones by the hundreds? You’re gonna get good at it. You’ll get a feel for the scoop and how it grabs the ice cream. You’ll get a feel for how big you need to make the scoops depending on what you’re doing with them. […]

  • Gmail Tips

    Vaishnavi Rao has a couple of Gmail-specific email productivity tips. I didn’t know about the Google Labs feature for viewing sender legitimacy. That seems like a good one to have on.  If you haven’t heard of it, the “Send & Archive” is a massive one. It’s a default setting now after spending many years as […]

  • Double Opt-In Email Intros

    Reposting from my other blog, because this blog is way better for it.  You know those “introduction” emails? Someone thinks you should meet someone else, and emails happen about it. Or it’s you doing the introducing, either by request or because you think it’s a good idea. Cutting to the chase here, those emails could […]

  • Nick Douglas’ “How to Ask for Advice Over Email”

    Great list: Spend 95% of your time researching the person you’re emailing, and 5% writing the email. Introduce yourself quickly but specifically, and ask specific questions. Ask one or two questions. Not three! You’ll feel like adding a third because your email looks too short. It’s not. Google your questions first. Don’t offer to “hop […]

  • Email Statistics Report

    This company The Radicati Group, Inc. produces “quantitative and qualitative research on email, security, instant messaging, social networking, information archiving, regulatory compliance, wireless technologies, web technologies, unified communications, and more.” Looks like one report will run ya about $7,500, but they publish summaries, including the email one. It has some interesting stuff in it: In […]