Author: Chris Coyier

  • Encrypted Email and Security Nihilism

    Daniel Kahn Gillmor, reporting on the whole EFAIL thing (short story: even encrypted email isn’t truly safe): Unfortunately, many of the responses to this report have been close to the line of “security nihilism:” Throwing your hands in the air and saying that because certain important security measures aren’t perfect, we should abandon them altogether. […]

  • The Search for the Perfect Email Client

    Ars Technica published Inbox zero and the search for the perfect email client, a staff-roundup article all about email preferences. Here’s some choice quotes. … as anyone who sits through several hours of meetings a day surely knows, staying on top of one’s email becomes a welcome diversion during the many boring bits. Jonathan Gitlin Probably […]

  • AI/Machine Learning and Email

    Seems like a natural fit, right? What better data set than decades of email complete with meta data? I would think that spam filtering may have been one of mankinds first foray’s into machine learning. My Google-based email has been saving me from spam for a decade. We know that spam evolves to fight the […]

  • “Email lists grow slowly, but their growth is sturdier than social networks.”

    Robin Rendle, who writes the email newsletter for CSS-Tricks and has a email newsletter of his own called Adventures in Typography, quotes a bit from Robin Sloan’s book How to Make a Book: Of all the followings you can accrue—on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and platforms yet to be invented—one is more important than the rest by […]

  • Spam vs. Junk

    I really think you should be unsubscribing a lot. An inbox full of only things that matter is a good place to be. But when you’re doing that unsubscribing, what you’re unsubscribing from is junk not spam. Spam, hopefully, is a very small problem for you. Perhaps a few spam emails leak into your inbox […]

  • “Ugjkadgk. I’m terrible at email.”

    It’s like a catchphrase these days. Everybody trying to one-up each other about how bad at email they are. You don’t fit in at dinner parties unless you “like all music except country and rap” and “haven’t looked at my inbox in a month.” It downright scares me when I hear this from otherwise successful […]

  • Emailing Yourself

    I email myself. A lot. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a bad habit or not. It’s a tough call. By doing it, it’s effectively making my inbox my to-do list. That feels a slightly problematic because it’s a to-do list that isn’t entirely of my own making. It’s letting the world control […]

  • Drip Campaigns

    Drip emails are those emails you get after creating an account on a website that come after certain periods of time. Drip, drip, drip, like a leaky faucet, and sometimes just as unwelcome. But email is such a strong way to talk to users, and companies know it. A well-done drip campaign can educate users […]

  • Unsubscribing

    Sometimes I’ll go on an unsubscribing tear. It’ll happen around some fake holiday like Black Friday or Cyber Monday when even the laziest of marketers manage to pull together a DEALS DEALS DEALS email. I’m sure we’ll all experienced this. Your inbox will fill up with marketing emails from companies you haven’t heard from in […]

  • Slack vs Email

    I seem to remember some of Slack’s early marketing was a bit anti-email. Slack is a new way of communicating on a team that stops the need for email. To some degree, I think (and hope) they are right. I’m betting most of you have heard of Slack, but if not, it’s like a private […]