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  • Shift, Ahhhh, Nevermind.

    Just a note that I switched to Shift for day to day email a few months back. I’ve used it in the past, but spent most years using Mailplane. But Mailplane is dead, so I was back in the browser for a while, then had a fling with Shortwave, but craved just the regular ol’ […]

  • “So I can send an email but everyone doesn’t see who else is on it?”

    I like how the joke is “yes you can, duh, literally every person on earth knows how the features of email works”. I wish I could say that about the apps I’ve built.

  • Why Do Email Apps Struggle…?!

    Francesco D’Alessio: Email apps. They come, they conquer — they leave. This could be written on a Roman tablet somewhere. Prepare for your email applications to just drop dead. The cost of running them and managing them sometimes is so high that they have to call it a day I think it’s because: It’s a […]

  • Bifurcation

    Chris Palmer: What distinguishes email from other digital communications is that it has become a world-writable to-do list. A world-writable to-do list is an abomination that steals our time, our attention, our autonomy, and our souls. It stops us from doing productive work. We should resist email, and prefer most other form of communications. It’s […]

  • The Right Tool

    Seth Godin on the “Reply All” feature of email: It’s all the worst elements of synchronous and asynchronous discussion rolled into one. It prioritizes speed of reply over thoughtfulness, and creates a hard-to-manage non-coordinated sort of discovery and decision making. If it’s worth taking the time of the team, it’s worth doing it in a […]

  • Scheduling Email Sends

    I’m not sure how many email clients build in the ability to send an email later, but it’s not terribly uncommon. It seems like it’s a bonus feature for new clients trying to entice users with features, and a third-party add-on for others. I don’t use it, ever. Not because I’m against it or anything, […]

  • It’s all a lie

    Three cheers for the first email client with the cojones to remove it from their UI entirely.

  • OutHorse Your Email to Iceland’s Horses

    Clever campaign from Big Iceland Tourism: I very much hope to do this one day. I have been to Iceland once and it was a very lovely trip. Which reminds me, Exposure is also a very lovely website, but it hasn’t worked its way into regular usage from my, so I should probably move that […]

  • Current Role

    After I sold CSS-Tricks, I get way less than half the email I used to. Relatively, it now feels absolutely trivial to manage my email. I don’t need any fancy techniques, organizing concepts, or special software to stay on top of things. I look at my email and just deal with it. I even get […]

  • Context Plz

    I’ve never worked at a company big enough to get included in emails where I don’t even know why, but I know a lot of people struggle with that.