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  • Let it speak for itself.

    I think it’s a bit awkward for a cold-call email to open with telling me how awesome you are. You probably are. You’re probably more successful than me. You’re probably smarter and richer and more innovative. But telling me that puts me on guard. Now I’m all like ok whatever good for you. This particular […]

  • Bullet Points (For the love of god)

    I’ve been doing a lot of emailing back and forth with a financial guy doing some loan reshuffling stuff for us. Email is perfect for this because the process involves a lot of digging up documents and talking with other people before a proper response can be made. Async stuff – a massive strength of […]

  • Email and DevOps

    Jan Schaumann talking about hard-learned DevOps lessons. The very first rule: Email is the worst monitoring and alerting mechanism except for all the others. Love that. Email seems like a bad choice for notifications, especially vital realtime notifications, except it isn’t because it’s reliable.

  • Emotional Tone for Unsubscribes

    Obligatory posting of recent XKCD:

  • No food?

    Even as a massive fan of email (and as aware as I am that this is just a good joke), I feel like meetings should be documents. Living, editable (at least comment-on-able) documents that are easy to find.

  • Everlane Marketing Email

    Clever to use a Fwd: subject line for a (probably?) marketing emails. Dan Frommer called it “messy” marketing in his last email. A forwarded email chain follows, quoted-message lines and everything: “Ok, let’s do this,” Michael Preysman writes. Do what? Scrolling down, a voyeuristic puzzle unfolds, leading back to an original Everlane promotional email from 2014. What is this? […]

  • Pepe the Unsubscribe Donkey

    Brad’s legacy: I picked up an office trinket in honor of Pepe.

  • Muting (and Unmuting) Thought Leaders

    I saw these two things back to back and thought it was funny. 98 Voices is a plea from thought leaders who are sick of their emails going into Gmail’s promo inbox, so they built an app that manipulates your Gmail filters to make sure their emails go into your main inbox. So far, Google […]

  • Recognition

    In the past I’d get an email from some company, and I’d be like who are they again? I can’t remember what they do. I wonder if I have an account there or something. Lately: nah. If I can’t recognize immediately who this company is and why I’m getting this email: unsubscribe. Email is such […]

  • To vs reply vs bcc

    Seth Godin: How much of your inbox activity is initiated by you? What percentage of your email threads started with an email you wrote? And how much is spent replying to others? And finally, how often are you bccing or being bcced? I hope we can agree that the percentage for the third category should […]