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  • Sorry for the delay

    Ryan North comic: WE ALL NEED TO GET GOOD AT EMAIL

  • Can we get on a quick call?

    I’m right there. Are you my family or paying me? Let’s use the phone! The phone is great, very direct, plenty of nuance, grabs my attention strongly. But for those same reasons I hate the phone for anyone outside that small circle. I won’t even order a pizza with the phone anymore. The disconnect is […]

  • This Meeting Could Have Been an Email

    This is a whole cultural thing: With the pushback being: Yeah but you wouldn’t have read it. Fair enough. Moreso than email though, any given meeting probably could and should have been documented in a written fashion. I’m a big fan of Notion. There is a ton of clarity with writing, and helps foster remote […]

  • Actual email chains as a format for a blog post

    I’ve done it a few times, like this and this, but I almost thing I should do it more. There is something appealing at looking at how other people actually write and respond to emails, outside our own direct circle. Here’s one between Jeremy Keith and  Manuel Matuzovic that led to a little conference happening. […]

  • Email Microtasks

    Imagine you’re doing that thing we all do where we rather mindlessly scroll through feeds. Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds. Only now, sprinkled in there, are little jobs to do. Clive Thompson for WIRED: The researchers created an AI app that looked through documents you were writing in Microsoft Word. It extracted simple editing […]

  • Email Summaries as a Option

    Isn’t it just nice when a service offers to send you either notification emails as-they-happen or a roundup summary of notifications less often? If I was architecting an app today, I’d certainly store notifications in a sort of log so that offering them either way is easily done.

  • Submission & Rejection

    Chris Monks is McSweeney’s editor. Over on Vulture, he goes into his email load for article submissions. 200-300 submissions a week, which he reads and responds to every one of them within a week. Hence his rejection emails are basically one liners like This doesn’t fail to amuse, but I’m afraid I’m going to pass. […]

  • You wouldn’t have read the email.

    That is one big strike against email. Despite how effective email is on so many fronts, it has this weird characteristic where any given email just might not be read. While that’s obvious for something like a marketing email, even strong-social-contract emails like an email from a friend or boss have some strange wiggle room. […]

  • Weird ways to end an email

    Trended for a moment on Twitter. Insincerely, Andrew I meant to say, “Stay in touch!” in an email to 100 students. I accidentally said, “Stay and touch.” If you don’t get this message let me know Don’t forget to get your coworkers spayed and neutered Peace out, fucker.

  • Jessica’s Client Email Helper

    Just making sure y’all have seen this! Negotiating incoming project terms over email is difficult for even the well-seasoned professional. I’ve created this handy tool to help you say “no” to free and low-budget work and to help ask for more favorable contract terms before the start of a project.