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  • !

    I’ll take too many exclamation points over too few any day.

  • What would it take to unseat email?

    I really don’t know. Maybe close to 10 years ago I had a friend who hated email so much that nearly any alternative was preferable. To her, DMs on Twitter (must have been early days for that!) were better. Perhaps the short and threaded nature of them was appealing. More likely, the idea that you […]

  • Bold.

    Even bolder than replying to a year old email without even acknowledging any time has passed.

  • 99.5% Noise

    My suspicion is that filtering isn’t the answer here. That’s just too many damn emails and a lot of it needs to get cut off at the source. I’m starting to think that for an average busy person, that 100 emails a day is doable, with perhaps 25% directly actionable. That’d be more like 3,500 […]

  • Hey did you get that email?

    Hey people can use social media however they want, but I just happened to see someone bring up this behavior as being rather obnoxious so I’m noting it. I certainly wouldn’t appreciate it, but I wonder if the reason is done is because it works (sort of like those obnoxious popups on websites asking you […]

  • I wonder if people with those incredibly high unread email counts are actually more at peace with their inbox that everyone else.

  • Email Entitlement

    Came in the middle of an interesting thread about a weird/bad communication that a lack of response created. Like it or not, not responding to emails is a response in itself. The response can range from “aw snap, I couldn’t get their attention” to, apparently, extreme disappointment and anger and inventing a whole years-long narrative […]

  • Unsubscribing Complication

    It’s such a silly concept. For those of us with simple setups like a MailChimp newsletter, unsubscribing is a two second job. But of course the internet is a big place and tech is weird. I’ve heard people say it’s like this sometimes because campaigns get queued up to send (including the recipient lists, apparently) […]

  • I’m Neutral-Evil

    On my personal email I just type nothing, because I have a auto-added signature that says: ——————Chris CoyierCodePen • CSS-Tricks • ShopTalk Which is enough I think. I also have email accounts that are business inboxes, so in those (which also have an auto-added signature), I’ll put: -Chris I’d think that the chaotic people you […]

  • Emailing a Book Guy

    I have a book about local hiking trails I really like. It’s quirky and knowledgeable and full of useful information. At time it eludes to some kind of online version of itself, but isn’t definitive, and the book is starting to feel just a smidge long in the tooth. I thought, gosh, this would be […]