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  • Email Anxiety

    I totally feel Katie here. This advice probably doesn’t hold true all the time, but one way I’ve had success with this is just to answer one email. Maybe I’ll stop there. At least I did something. But more likely than not, hitting send on that one kicks off a mini sprint of answering lots […]

  • I Tried Emailing Like A CEO And Quite Frankly, It Made My Life Better

    Katie Notopoulos for BuzzFeed: Seeing Clinton’s emails was a whole new can of worms — quick emails to her staff, as well as longer, formal emails to other people. She had both a mastery of email and a complete bumbling lack of understanding of it. It was a hypnotic train wreck, and I wanted in. […]

  • It’s a process

  • Intentional Delays

    I can understand the desire to totally strike email from your life. I find most adult life fantasies are about a simpler life. You visit some small town on vacation and imagine yourself living there, taking in the views, having a late lunch, and practicing your breathing. A life without email is like that. Your […]

  • Your email is what others think you should work on.

    I use all three as well. Calendar is the winner for me in what takes top priority. Whatever is on there happens. Email is the winner for taking up time. I spend a lot of time there communicating and planning. Todo lists, for me, are a bit sloppy. They are just things I don’t want […]

  • Sorry to bug you!

    Lolz poor Emily.

  • Slow then Fast

    You ever wait weeks for a response to an email, then it comes and you respond right away, then they respond right away again? Then you respond right away again, then you respond right away again? I’m sure you have. Email isn’t a top-to-bottom stack. We respond to emails in a totally random order based […]

  • “Enjoy the ones you DO like.”

    Amen, Amy.

  • What’s OK to email me about, and what is not.

    Have you ever tried creating a rules page like this? It’s only relevant to situations where you’re putting your email address in a public place and welcoming perfect strangers to email you. I notice Rachel Andrew has a page that redirects people to different places before giving out her email. On the contact form on […]

  • Brute Force Emailing

    No, not the kind where you just email someone over and over and over until you get a response. I can’t recommend against that strongly enough. I mean forcing yourself to answer an email no matter how much work it is. That’s the thing with emails, it’s often not just typing out a response and […]