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  • Response Window

    For me, there isn’t one. I think the social contract of email response time for random inquiries is maybe someday. I might just wait months if it takes me that long to have interest in what you are saying. Or you might get a reply in 30 seconds if I’m stoked to hear from you. […]

  • XKCD: Email Settings

  • I’m basically the Marie Kondo of email now

    I had a feeling this blog post existed. I just Googled “Marie Kondo Email” and it was the first result. Marie Kondo has been kinda famous for a while for writing about tidying up your space. But super extra famous lately because of the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Does it spark joy? […]

  • Simplify / Gmail

  • A Free Service for Unsubscribing and A Matter of Trust. Instantly see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want. Seems super appealing. Like if you are ready to do some serious Spring cleaning on your inbox, why not use a service designed to help? Clear out a ton of noise. Plus, it’s free. is very clear […]

  • The Robocall of Email

    I should have probably published this here. Alas, it’s on my personal blog: HELLO I HAVE A GUEST BLOG POST PROPOSAL FOR YOU. The point: these spammy bastards are a lot more personal than they used to be. Like a robocall, these are personal, sometimes hand-written emails. If you engage with them, you’ll definitely talk […]

  • Is it better to ignore someone or say no?

    We all ignore some emails. It’s almost culturally acceptable, particularly if the email is out of the blue and you have no ties to the person or company they are with. Hey I’ve got a thing! You should see it! Let’s set up a call! Person you don’t know It certainly feels more polite to […]

  • Busy People

    Looks like a solid list to me! Except that last one, for me. I don’t need a follow up. If I read your email and intend to respond, you’ll get one. If I didn’t respond, it’s because I (sorry) didn’t determine it worth responding to. If you follow up with a “hey did you read […]

  • Hindsight

    Garrett Dimon, looking back on 10 years of building a product: I’m leaning towards completely shunning social media if I build a new product. Instead, I’d focus on building a higher quality email list. There’s the big benefit of being a more direct line to customers and being less prone to the whims of the […]

  • Email by Days of Week

    This is just how it feels for me. Day Volume Inbox Level Monday High Starts Medium. Volume is high, but I FIGHT it back to Low because I’m FRESH! Tuesday High Low but growing. Wednesday Medium Medium. Focusing on other things. Thursday High High. Losing control. Friday High Starts High, but I fight it back […]