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  • Grunt Work

    My mom works at a place where they handle their email system internally. They don’t use any sort of cloud-hosted email. They have their own domain and have email addresses, and the email servers are set up locally at the brick-and-mortar business.  She just gets hammered with spam, and has for years.  Something like […]

  • Why are signatures so bad?

    Message from reader Steven Hambleton: Despite the power and intelligence available to companies like Microsoft and Google, we still have five instances of our image-laden signature staring back at us when we reply to an email conversation. Why oh why can’t they detect a duplicate and snip it off? We only need it once! I’m with […]

  • “Provide an opportunity for escape.”

    In the article How to Ask a Favor published by the Valet. magazine staff, they say: Be direct with your request Give your reason why Provide an opportunity for escape Great little framework. If I was to apply it to my publication CSS-Tricks and me reaching out to a potential writer I might say: Hey […]

  • When to Filter

    Email filters seem like a bit of a power-user feature. These are things like “if an email is from this address and contains this text, apply this label and automatically archive it.” It’s pretty cool that we can do that, and I’d wager most clients support some version of that.  I recently saw this: That sounds […]

  • Crossing the Barriers

    Hey Chris, just shooting you a text here to let you know I emailed you about that stuff we talk about on the phone.  It just doesn’t feel right, does it? I’ll admit, sometimes I don’t mind. Like if it’s a real estate agent whom I’ve told I want to be kept very up to […]

  • I don’t answer *all* my email.

    Of course not. There are people like Daniel Jacobs out there: You don’t deserve my time, Daniel Jacobs. You demonstrated no understanding of me or the site you are asking about. That’s a terrible way to reach out to someone. I’m quite sure you are a real person and this tactic gets you enough leads […]

  • Poll About Email & Your Job

  • Caffeinate your highs, not your lows

    The Productivity Cycle by Alex Sexton is a wonderful article that has stuck with me over the years. There is a bunch of it that is about caffeine consumption. Alex cites actual research and provides context, so definitely read the article, but the gist of it is this: Consuming caffeine in time for it to […]

  • Work on what you feel like

    I realize not all of us have the freedom to do whatever we feel like doing all day at work. But assuming you have some wiggle room on what you do and when I find letting your mood dictate that is a recipe for a productive day. I have a variety of things I can […]

  • When not to email yourself (2 minute rule)

    I have a major habit of emailing myself. I don’t consider it a huge problem really, but it is just dumping something at my future-self to deal with without much structure. So I’ve been weaning myself off it.  I use Things for my to-do lists, which are structured, and have due dates and context. So […]