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  • Slack vs Email

    I seem to remember some of Slack’s early marketing was a bit anti-email. Slack is a new way of communicating on a team that stops the need for email. To some degree, I think (and hope) they are right. I’m betting most of you have heard of Slack, but if not, it’s like a private […]

  • When do kids get their first email?

    It might be before they are born. Super popular email services like Gmail are still somewhat of a land-grab for getting names that aren’t saddled with awkward extra characters or numbers. If you can get a good full name, many do. Technology sometimes forces us into it, so they can have important accounts: Like Apple […]

  • Everybody has an email

    Even the kids these days. Schools give it to them or their parents set it up for them.  They might not take it very seriously, preferring other ways to communicate, but they have it and understand it. Email is largely free and thus the one true global communication method on the planet, especially because email […]

  • Email is Public

    An email can be from your business partner of a decade, a stranger who likes something you’ve said and wants to tell you, a troll from across the globe who wants to angrily finger waggle at you, or the computer system at the pharmacy letting your know your prescriptions are ready. Most folks will give […]

  • My heart

    For real though, I’ve definitely had emails I’ve stared at for wayyy too long. Emotionally, I very much want to reply. But my brain can’t come up with the right thing to say. I wonder if this is a good (and somewhat non-traditional) use of snoozing an email. It’s not that I can’t or don’t […]

  • Pencil & Paper

    Frank Chimero: Get enthusiasm on the cheap by buying a fancy wooden pencil to write everything down. A $3 pencil is now more exciting than a $2,000 computer. Many people will do the most mundane work just to feel a good tool fly. Stay on paper as long as possible. Sketch and write things out […]

  • Email is Asynchronous

    Asynchronous, meaning the sending of an email and the reply don’t happen in quick succession. Nothing like chat, which you could call synchronous. They are often separated by minutes, hours, or days. In fact if you get a personal email reply in a minute or two, it’s often a bit shocking. Just by the nature […]

  • What An Email Can Be

    Perhaps part of the success¹ of email is that it can take so many possible forms. Technically an email can either be: Text HTML Both have their strengths. I don’t send many² personal or business emails in HTML. The applications I build rarely send email in plain text alone (links and some typographic control are […]

  • Well, hi!

    Chris Coyier here! Thanks for stopping by. I can’t get the idea of email out of my head. I love email. The phrase all good things happen over email rattles through my brain. As a fellow who operates several businesses and has a varied and rather complicated career, a surprising amount of it happens right through […]