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Chris Coyier here! Thanks for stopping by.

I can’t get the idea of email out of my head. I love email. The phrase all good things happen over email rattles through my brain. As a fellow who operates several businesses and has a varied and rather complicated career, a surprising amount of it happens right through email.

Every big door that has opened for me started as an email. Every big deal I’ve closed. Every collaboration. Every conference I’ve been invited to. I even have friendships that have started over email.

Email is a big deal. Yet almost everyone I know struggles with it. 

That’s what this site is all about. Let’s talk about email. Let’s figure out what’s hard about it and where the struggles are, so that all the great parts of email shine even brighter. Success in today’s world, in almost any way you want to define that, is going to involve you being good at email. So let’s get good at email.

A quick intro of myself.

You might know me from some other projects I work on. Web design and development is the basis of my career. I’m a co-founder of CodePen, a social coding environment for front-end designers and developers. I run CSS-Tricks, a site all about web design and development. I also have a podcast called ShopTalk Show where I talk about those things with Dave Rupert.

Another thing I do, like all of you, is a lot of email. I plan to use my own experience as a lens to talk about a lot of this email stuff bouncing around in my head. I also plan to talk to lots of other people on all spectrums of business about email. I’d like to talk to folks who feel like they have a great handle on email and those who feel completely overwhelmed by it or have given up on it. If you have thoughts on all that, get in touch!

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