Everybody has an email

Even the kids these days. Schools give it to them or their parents set it up for them. 

They might not take it very seriously, preferring other ways to communicate, but they have it and understand it. Email is largely free and thus the one true global communication method on the planet, especially because email is almost always public.

I’ve already gotten a few emails from this brand spankin’ new blog already (💙). Here’s an entire email from Keith Pickering:

Email is basically the pinnacle of human communication.

For thousands of years, long distance communication was handled via text. If you received an important letter, you could hold on to it for the rest of your life if you wanted to. Then the telephone came out, and people apparently forgot everything that made letters great.

I can’t begin to tell you how I hate phone calls. If you’re shooting the breeze with a loved one, sure, a phone call is great. But for literally anything business related, I just can’t comprehend why people are so phone crazy. What a bumbling, stressful, inconvenient, inefficient form of communication it is.

When I have a phone call scheduled, step 1 is to freak out for an hour while I try to plan out every response I could potentially make. Step 2 is the actual call, then Step 3 is both parties forgetting the entire content of the conversation until it’s clarified via – you guessed it – email.

If I communicate with someone via email, I don’t have to take notes. I don’t have to fill awkward silence with “um”s while I’m thinking of what to say. I don’t have to worry, because I’m in complete control of what I’m getting across, and the other person will only see it once it’s perfect. Regular people have had email for what, 25 years?

It’s time for it to take its rightful place as our primary communication method.

I think a lot of people have a similar dislike of phone calls. I did for most of my life. I’m chilling out on that a little bit as I get older. Not sure why exactly. Perhaps it’s being a new dad and knowing how much more personal talking to family is when it’s their real voice. Maybe it’s just a realization that some communication is better when it’s more off-the-cuff and faster.

Anyway, I agree with Keith, email is the dang pinnacle of human communication and perhaps only isn’t hailed as the hero it is as much as it could be because of the mixed emotions it stirs up in people. We need to get into that soon.

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