The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email

That’s the headline on this Wall Street Journal piece by Christopher Mims. There was a call-to-action that said I could read the article if I signed in. So I created an account. But then the call-to-action told me I had to subscribe. I’m not anti-subscribing-to-newspapers, but I wasn’t feeling this little bait and switch so I didn’t pull the trigger.

Solid first two paragraphs though:

Kids think it’s fussy and archaic, but for brands, creators and businesses of every kind the emerging medium of choice to reach audiences is the only guaranteed-delivery option the internet has left: email.

Consumer email services have been around for almost three decades, but to hear email’s most ardent fans talk about it now, it’s an undiscovered country too long neglected by those who could benefit from it the most. In the #deletefacebook era, it’s become a way to fight back against the algorithms that try to dictate what…

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