Muting (and Unmuting) Thought Leaders

I saw these two things back to back and thought it was funny.

  • 98 Voices is a plea from thought leaders who are sick of their emails going into Gmail’s promo inbox, so they built an app that manipulates your Gmail filters to make sure their emails go into your main inbox. So far, Google isn’t allowing it.
  • is a little app to help you mute a bunch of platitude-spewing VC people on Twitter.

One, a bunch of thought leaders not wanting to be silenced, the other, intential silencing of thought leaders.

I’m not particularly bothered by either problem, I just enjoy a good contrast.

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  1. Hi Chris. I don’t know if you have any link-checker set up for your blog, but I just got informed by mine that the link to 98 Voices is dead. And it appears it was never archived by the Wayback Machine. So, I’m guessing they didn’t move Google, and gave up.

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