Tempo & Superhuman

I just saw this blog post gushing praise on a new email client I’d never seen before. I was able to Google it. Tempo. I gave it a spin. It’s classy.

It’s also really really super similar to Superhuman. Not only in look, but the fact that they want to charge monthly/yearly to use the client (which is a UI on top of Gmail only). The similarities are pretty striking there – something must be going on like someone dipped out of one company to start the other or something like that.

Superhuman got tangled up in some controversy at one point. Something about that made me on edge while installing Tempo, and sure enough, something weird happened:

So this email client runs a local server on my computer. I have no idea what it does but that seems weird. When I quit the app, the server turns off though.

Aside from all that, personally, I don’t need a super minimal focus-based email client. Every time I switch, I find myself back on the web interface for Gmail. Although at the moment I’m still enjoying using it through Mailplane.

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