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All the coronavirus stuff has people working from home in huge numbers, and thus a lot of recent writing about working from home. Some of the advice is kinda funny.

Funny how the big flagship companies that do it already, like Automattic, are being pinged for advice. They aren’t big on email, it turns out:

We use our own WordPress blogs, called P2, instead of email as our central hub of communication so people throughout the company can access every team’s long-form notes, documents, and priorities. We’re bloggers by heart, so we blog a lot. There are other similar tools, like Basecamp. Make it your new office.

I’m big on Notion.

Some people are doing a great job in sharing hard-earned advice, like Greg Storey. Here’s a tidbit from his recent advice post that gets into email:

It doesn’t take much for the volume of messages in Slack (or Teams) and email to pile up. To top it off, most people don’t care enough to practice proper etiquette when communicating digitally. My personal favorite is the three-foot-tall email-chain that’s been going on for weeks until you’re CC’d with zero context, only a “FYI.” Yet you’re expected to digest the “conversation” and make a quick decision.

We should, ya know, be better at email.

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