Inbox Zero (The Site with Random Email Thoughts)

I’m not sure who actually coined the term “Inbox Zero” or if it’s got an official methodology or anything. Generally I think it just means getting your email dealt with to the extreme of having the box empty. I’d say I only get there once a month or so. Sometimes having that as a goal is helpful to me, so I don’t hate on the concept. I do think edging that direction rather versus just letting yourself have hundreds or thousands of emails in there is better.

Anyway. The site isn’t really about about Inbox Zero directly, it’s just a bunch of stylized tweets and quotes on a page, scattered with affiliate links. Simple idea. I like it. Here’s one from Andrew Lyon:

We need to view email as a framework, not an application. It is used for sending messages. That’s it. It does this reliably and predictably.

Indeed it does.

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