Not a Big Deal

I had a conversation with a friend in tech the other day about email. It was refreshing to me, as they come at email in the same way I do: it’s not a big deal. Once you have your email under control, you just knock through it and it isn’t this huge burden. Even coming back from an extended stretch of totally checking out of email (a healthy vacation), you should be able to knock through hundreds (maybe a thousand) emails before lunch.

In fact, you come to love it, because of how effective of a communication method it is: it’s public, it’s async, it can hold files, it can be of any length, it’s threaded.

Tooling isn’t needed to “fix” email. Email clients these days, for the most part, are interchangeably good.

Now this story isn’t true of everyone. Very many people fall under the weight of email in various ways. I wanna keep digging into this from both sides. I wanna learn more about what makes email so burdensome for people, and I wanna learn more about what makes email so easy for some people. Hopefully this blog will be the home for that in years to come. I’ll still very much into thinking about email.

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