Email is not dead.

Interesting little landing page from Jordie van Rijn with lots of statistics and links to articles about email. All evidence points to:

  • Tons of people use email (more than any other communication tool)
  • Email isn’t dying, it’s growing.
  • People prefer it, particularly in business in business and marketing.

So many links in there to read. Like The Triumph of Email from Adrienne LaFrance in 2016:

Over the course of about half a century, email went from being obscure and specialized, to mega-popular and beloved, to derided and barely tolerated. With email’s reputation now cratering, service providers offer tools to help you hit “inbox zero,” while startups promise to kill email altogether. It’s even become fashionable in tech circles to brag about how little a person uses email anymore.

I think now in 2021 that last sentence isn’t as true as it was in 2016. I don’t doubt that most people don’t like email, but as nobody is even close to unseating it, it may be settling in that we might as well get good at it.

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