If you want to make it clear that email isn’t your thing, do it up right.

All in all, I prefer it when people just list their email somewhere practical to find and just learn how to manage their email. But hey, if you’re already successful and productive, and you’re upfront about not preferring email as a contact method, at least be clear about it.

Here’s Nicky Case’s contact page:

I can't give each email a thoughtful response, but I'd feel dirty giving a thoughtless response. So, I wrote this FAQ to give you thoughtful answers now, rather than have you wait 4+ weeks for a useless reply. Check it out!

There are tons of FAQs here, which might cover why you are emailing them to begin with.

Then at the very bottom, you still gotta really want it to actually get the email address:

I love it. It’s useful. It’s personal. It’s funny. And it bet it works.

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