Email as a write API

I just noticed this feature in Things:

Which reminded me of this feature in WordPress:

Which reminds me it was just this year HEY announced you could blog from your email account:

This post you’re reading right now is the world’s first HEY World post. And I published it by simply emailing this text directly to from my account. That was it.

We often think of email as something of a read API (e.g. get notifications from services), but it’s awfully cool as a write API as well, sending content and instructions to services.

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  1. Way back in the day I used to do mobloging (remember when posting pictures to the Internet was hard?). My phone didn’t have a data plan so to post I would send an MMS to an MMS-to-email gateway thingy that T-Mobile provided. I had a WordPress plugin called Postie that would login to an email account, parse email messages, download the image(s), copy the text, and create a new WordPress post. Kinda crazy how it even worked at all.

    This entire post was pecked into the tiny keyboard of my T-Mobile Dash and posted shortly after the talk

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