Do you use a combined inbox app?

I gotta ask around about this more. For a long time I managed a bunch of very separate email addresses. For example, my personal email at, a general CSS-Tricks email at, and my CodePen-specific email They all happened to be Google-based, so that made it easier-ish. The mobile Gmail app was happy to let me look at a combined inbox, but apparently, there is no desktop version of that? Isn’t that weird?

I’m curious if people like/prefer combined inboxes (however they “host” their email), or prefer looking at inboxes separately. One challenge surely is making sure that when you send email it goes out from the proper account. That seems manageable enough if a bit error-prone.

2 responses to “Do you use a combined inbox app?”

  1. With more than 10 e-mail addresses I use a combined solution (of course). When sending an e-mail I got the habit of first selecting the right sender address. • Gmail is scanning all of your mails in and out. No privacy. • Your newsletter is coming from an undefined WordPress address, which I consider bad for anti spam. In most cases I would not let it through. You’re lucky. 😉

  2. I prefer to use a unified inbox, currently that’s Apple Mail. When one of my inboxes at an old job was super busy though, I preferred to drill down by inbox.

    So I would say it depends on your email volume. Lower volume inboxes I’d group together, and higher volume inboxes I would separate out.

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