A Start to the Kind of Questions I’d Like to Ask when I Start Interviewing People about Email

  • How do you generally feel about email? Are you closest to hating it, feeling ambivalent about it, or loving it?
  • Is spam a major issue for you?
  • Does email give you any anxiety?
  • About how many emails do you get in a day?
  • What apps do you use to do your email work?
  • Is email part of your work culture? Is it more for people within the company, you dealing with people outside the company, or both?
  • Do you have any particular email methodology you follow? For example, have you heard of inbox zero, or shoot for that? Do you have your own?
  • Do you worry about the lack of encryption of email?
  • Do you use categories, tags, or any other sort of organizational system?
  • How many email addresses do you have?
  • If you use email for both work and personal reasons, do you keep them entirely separate?
  • Do you use auto responders?
  • Do you have an email signature?
  • How often do you search your own email? Can you think of a major reason you might do that?
  • Do you tend to triage your own email? For example, look through it to clean out emails you don’t need, mark emails that need more attention, but don’t intend on writing any emails at the moment.
  • Do you think of email as a TODO list? Or intentionally use it that way?
  • Do you ever email yourself to remind yourself of something? Or do you have another mechanism for that?
  • If you get a legit marketing email you know you never want to see again, what are the chances you’ll unsubscribe from it?
  • Do you make any of your email addresses public? If not, is it an intentional decision to hide it?
  • Do you have any special system for using burner emails?

If anyone out there wants to answer those questions, I’d be glad to hear them in any format.

But then I have bonus questions for you:

  • Are there any more interesting questions about email than those above? What kind of question would get you to share your most interesting thoughts about email?
  • Do you think that’s too many questions? Which are the least interesting that you’d trim?

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