The Majority of Email Isn’t Actionable

Obvious? Probably.

That’s part of the reason I published my thing going through my own inbox. Just as a little social confirmation that my inbox situation isn’t that different than most others, which from the feedback I heard is true.

I also think this is a potential problem with email innovation. This conclution is easy to come to: the majority of email isn’t actionable. Then try to solve it. Let’s use algorithms to sort marketing email and tuck them away into a different tab! Let’s make easy to use keyboard shortcuts for whisking away emails in a triaging process! Let’s combine conversational emails into threads! Let’s make building filters easier and encourage usage of them!

I like some of those and dislike others. I’m not sure the fact that a lot of email isn’t actionable is actually a problem. Yet another thing I’d like to root out over time.

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