AI & Email

What we’re calling AI now already has been involved with email. Spam! Filtering spam is an AI job, and it’s been killing it for quite a while now. I hope email providers keep at it.

Then there is AI at the writer and reader levels of email. Which… also is related to spam. If I smell an email feels AI-written, that’s the same fragrance as spam. Off to the bin you go, email.

Then there is the ability of AI to expand and summarize text. It seems equally good at both. Hence this viral tweet:

Hilarious. Shouldn’t we skip the middle man? Maybe. But “saying more” isn’t just a formality, it’s usually helpful.

If I was hiring and got an email that said either one of the first two boxes above, it would be discarded. Despite the word count, they both say nothing. But if AI can prod you to you say more, but also say it with sincerity, meaning, and clarity, well then fine.

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