The Heaviest Substance

This is the kind of thing that keeps me interested in this whole subject of email. Especially as it pertains to “everyone”. Not just specifically niche-y email-nerd flows, but the general usage of email by the common citizen of Earth.

This is just a joke. It’s a decent joke. I probably would have found it funnier if I hadn’t heard more than my fair share of “too many emails!!!” jokes.

But the fact that thirty four thousand people hearted it means that it’s kinda zeitgeisty (at least was in 2021) and email pain is this universally relatable experience. It needs to get dug out though. Is it actually a struggle point for people, in that way that parenting is this universal struggle for people with kids and worth talking about? Or is it really not that big of a deal?

Internet Explorer jokes were all the rage for a good decade there at web development conferences. They weren’t terribly funny then, even though they were zeitgeisty, but they did represent actual problems people faced. And now, not so much.

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