Emails That You Can’t Turn Off

One thing on my little list here to think about and ask people about is emails that you can’t turn off. Maybe you’re in this situation because you are in a GitHub Org at work and the notifications are settings that you just don’t have access to. Or you use some other kind of software that either lacks the feature or you lack the controls to stop what would otherwise be unwanted emails.

Do you get an emails like that? Do they contribute to any kind of email stress? Are you expected to see them or react to them? Or can you (should you) filter them at the email side?

Myself, I get a few that I can’t figure out what service actually sends them. Like I get one about a “DMARC Report” from an old website I used to work one, one email a day, that never stops. I’ve never figured out what it’s from, so I just set up a filter for it and I never think about it. I do think about the “eWaste” of it all though.

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