Finds You Well

For real. It’s a cheesy saying, plus has strong “pseudo spam” energy. It’s likely to be followed up with:

I’m Tanner Sugarloafer, founder of 3 Start-ups, and Senior Software Engineer at Amazon, now building a scaled data and business development company targeting millions of potential buyers each month. We know exactly how to frame, pitch and sell your offering because we come from the data world.

lol no.

Anyway clearly we don’t know each other. People that know each other don’t say that. And if we don’t know each other, it’s none of your business how well I’m doing. What if I’m doing like shit, Mr. Sugarloafer? Are you going to help take my grandma her doctor appointments so I can get the grocery shopping done? Are you going to put in a good word for me at the staffing agency? Will you co-sign my mortgage? No? Don’t pretend to care.

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