Busy People

Looks like a solid list to me!

Except that last one, for me. I don’t need a follow up. If I read your email and intend to respond, you’ll get one. If I didn’t respond, it’s because I (sorry) didn’t determine it worth responding to. If you follow up with a “hey did you read this”, I’m extra definitely going to ignore it.

Everyone is different, so if Joel has found that effective, all good. I don’t say all this to sound all cool, I just say it as a warning that it can be the opposite of effective.

One response to “Busy People”

  1. I totally agree.

    I’m using inbox zero, which means an email will never get lost or I forget it. It sits in my inbox until I have taken action on it.

    But I guess people who does not use inbox zero, will sometimes forget an email which will then just get lost in the inbox, and then it actually makes sense to receive a follow up.

    Maybe we should have a permanent auto-reply, telling the sender that we are using inbox zero, so there is no need for a follow up? 🙂

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