The Robocall of Email

I should have probably published this here. Alas, it’s on my personal blog: HELLO I HAVE A GUEST BLOG POST PROPOSAL FOR YOU. The point: these spammy bastards are a lot more personal than they used to be. Like a robocall, these are personal, sometimes hand-written emails. If you engage with them, you’ll definitely talk to a real human being. They want to give you link-ridden garbage to publish on your site.

Author: Chris Coyier


One thought on “The Robocall of Email”

  1. I can see you have developed a good sense of spotting these spammy mails. There was definitely some of them, where I would have believed they had some quality content to provide to the site 🙂

    I can see most of them represent a company, which seems to be a good sign they are doing it for the wrong reasons?


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