Not even realizing it’s a problem

We don’t get many comments around here, but when we do, they are good! Thanks Sara Hill.

One of the big problems I continually encounter surrounding email is that many people don’t think of it as an issue to “fix.”

That’s wild. I feel like all I ever see (anecdotally) is that trite “Ughck. Email. Right? The worst.” which to me insinuates that their inbox is a mess and they hate it. But it didn’t occur to me that people can be in that situation and not even realize it’s a problem to fix. And double so:

They don’t know they have a problem and are a problem to everyone else. 

Sarah also wrote she asks candidates what their inbox looks like and the answers can be telling. Wow. There ya have it. Your messy inbox might not just abstractly cost you opportunity, it might directly cost you opportunity.

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