Within a few days of each other, I got these email notifications of acquaintances praising different email clients.

Here’s Julie loving Edison (not sure if it’s Edison Mail or OnMail or what).

(Edison is so wild in that they are like: we read your email and sell the data, but, like, anonymously, and they spell it out in a way that somehow makes it seem like that’s OK. But of course, one tiny screwup and 🤮).

And then Luky, on liking Spark:

I’m just guessing here, as I haven’t spoken with either of them, that they like the email client switch because they felt a productivity boost. Like they have a better handle on email and it’s feeling less cumbersome in some way.

That always makes me think: is it really the email client? Or is it that switching clients just awoke a little spark in your email handling habits that has you taking care of business for a while, feeling good about that, and thanking the client instead of yourself.

I wonder about that because it happens to me. Any little switch-up in my normal email routine (new client or otherwise) can give me little bursts of productivity that leave me feeling good.

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