Does inbox cleanliness have anything to do with actual email productivity?

I’m tempted to say: yes, of course, absolutely.

But I’m not entirely sure.

My wife is a good example. I wouldn’t call her inbox a mess, but from the glimpses I get of it, there are an awful lot of unread emails in there. I don’t get the sense that she spends all that much time on inbox cleanliness. Yet, if I email her, I tend to get a response in like 3 minutes. She’s fast, and I’d call that a trait of email productivity.

I’d like to correct my own thinking on this, and not make sure peddle an idea that you have to have a super clean inbox in order to be good at email. I think I’ll be able to unearth more about this once I get into doing more interviews. If you have thoughts though, I’d love to hear them.

Is it possible to highly productive with email but have a messy inbox?

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