I Should Learn More About Email Encryption

This is mostly just a note to myself to do what the title says.

Clearly quite a few people care about encrypted communication, as they should. There is a big audience for apps like Signal — people that care that their communications are end-to-end encrypted.

Email is definitely not end-to-end encrypted… unless you very specifically set it up to be. So my questions to research are:

  • How practical is it to set up end-to-end encrypted email?
  • Doesn’t who receives it also have to be set up for that? How big of a barrier is that? What is the day-to-day practicality for people who run encrypted email?
  • What services help with this? What are the costs? How popular are they? How DIY can it be?
  • Is there any movement toward large-scale adoption of encrypted email?

One response to “I Should Learn More About Email Encryption”

  1. Proton Mail — “an encrypted email service based in Switzerland.” — is the answer (to all your questions and concerns). proton.me/mail

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