How Old is your Email Address?

Somehow, I’ve had the same phone number every since I’ve had a phone. Twenty five years! Every time I’ve gotten a new phone, or more to the point, changed carriers, it was trivially easy to keep the number, so I did.

It’s been nice, actually. I feel like it makes it easy to get a hold of me over the years. If you ever had my number, you still do.

I also have a policy of just using my name online. My name is Chris Coyier and I use the handle chriscoyier on everything I can. Then if someone is interacting with me online, it’s just very clear who I am and thus pretty easy to find out more about me if you choose. I’ve always done that, so the long-term nature of that I’d like to think has some value.

And so too with email. My first post-college email (I used my University email while there) was a Gmail address and I’ve just kept it every since. It’s my name It’s easy to find, guess, and use. And I’ve had it for so long, if you’ve ever had my email, you still do. Seems good.

But I’m lucky. I’ve never had a stalker. I’m not from any group that tends to attract harassment. I don’t have any problematic past relationships that have needed me to lock down or change my communication stuff or online presence. So I get the benefit of that long-term profile building for free, in a sense.

That is, assuming it actually is a benefit. Do you think so? How old is your email?

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  1. kingkool68 was a handle I used for Aol Instant Messenger in middle school and has somehow stuck with me decades later. I remember getting an invite to gmail and picking kingkool68 as my gmail address. So I’ve been using GMail since 2004 or 19 years.

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